Dissect My Heart

Where does the sadness come from within your eyes? The depression as dark as the midnight sky. Loneliness attacks you within the night, drowning in sorrow awakens you in sudden fright. Fear engulfs you like a tidal wave, you can not breath, you are its slave. Begging for mercy you cry out for help, longing for a presence you once felt. Your heart is like a ocean … Read More Dissect My Heart


Thou Shalt Not Judge

Don’t judge that person sitting over there on the pavement, dirty from head to toe, begging for change. Open sores all upon their body, clothes reeking of urine and sweat. That person was terribly abused as a child by several family members. Mentally and sexually tormented. Past around like a joint at a party for everyone elses pleasure. Torn down daily like wall paper … Read More Thou Shalt Not Judge


What is Love

I would like to take a moment and talk about this 4 letter word above. Such a little word with such a huge impact on lives everywhere. We have all experienced it at least once in our lives to some extent and in some way. Whether it be a love for our parents, a pet, a sibling or friend, a significant other, or a material … Read More What is Love



Once apon a time I dreamed of having the picture perfect life… Three kids, two dogs, a successful career, a lovely house, and a man that was nothing less than someone that looked  like Jon Snow only taller with a very successful job….. I was four, and obviously read a lot of fairy tales and still played excessively with my Ken and Barbie dolls. … Read More DD’s

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