Ms Grey

So I dared my hair to go grey today.. unlike colors I have previously attempted, this one by far was more tedious. So first things first. My hair is obviously color treated with over the counter dark brown. So in order to not damage my hair I first saturated my hair in coconut oil. Trust me it helps combat the sheer abuse the bleach can do to your hair. 

So after I applied the oil I used Wella bleach that I purchased from Sally’s and used 40v developer also Wella. Applied by brush from root to end I let set for approximately 45 min (can be left on for 50) I rinsed the bleach from hair and applied Clairol Purple shampoo, also found at Sally’s, lathered really good and let set on hair for 30 minutes. This will even out any yellow tones in hair and let you know if another bleaching is necessary. Rinsed shampoo, towel dried hair and was now ready for the toner.

Now I used Wella T18 which is an ash blonde color and 3 cap fulls of Wella 050 which is a toner. (The toner is what gives you the desired grey color) I let this set on my hair for 30 minutes. I rinsed and did not shampoo.Well pleased with my result. I spent $20.00 and came out with this awesome color. Use the Purple Shampoo every other wash to keep desired color and to tone out any yellow or brassy color that may appear! And yes this was done in my retired hairdresser momma’s kitchen 💋


Dare the Hair

So through the years, I have come to identify as the girl with the hair.. Yes, my stylish Pixie has somewhat made a name for itself. I think it speaks for itself. In a world of long luscious locks, it’s nice to see some edge and attitude.

See I have never fell in a “norm” so to speak. A rebel at heart, I never wanted to blend into the group. Why look like everyone else?? So boring!! No I wanted to be Brïn! Not part of “The Heathers” so to speak. Not only was my hair different but I’ve always had my own style as well. Something that I’ve noticed through the years is that just because it’s in style, does NOT mean it can be worn by all. Face it girls, not everyone looks good in a Romper and black lipstick is not the most flattering to some. So I always found my own niche.

So, play around a bit! Find what suites you!! Pixie cut, shag, or bob! Black lipstick, liquid eyeliner, or barely there… What ever suites you, find it, and break out of the stereotypical female. Bend the rules! Find you and rock it!! Style, makeup, or Dare the Hair!! 💋


Embrace the Pixie

So first things first… I am a Home Health Nurse by career, but my love of hair, make up, and style is my passion and has always shown through..

Growin up as a well known Hair Dresser’s daughter, I have seen and heard it all. I was flashing my own style in the 4th grade and owned that permed Pixie with a rat tail to boot. Never the less, I love it, and just want to share my thoughts, aspirations, tips, and trade secrets!! Stay tuned y’all!


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