Where does the sadness come from within your eyes? The depression as dark as the midnight sky. Loneliness attacks you within the night, drowning in sorrow awakens you in sudden fright. Fear engulfs you like a tidal wave, you can not breath, you are its slave. Begging for mercy you cry out for help, longing for a presence you once felt.

Your heart is like a ocean full of secrets, lovers lost your heart begins to weaken. The initial hurt aches so bad of missing a love you once had. You cling for hope, beg for forgiveness, you would do anything to change it, that is the difference.                                                

 Your heart grows cold, bruised and battered, your emotions used up, torn and tattered. You try so hard to love without fear, that one true love you feel is near. You pull it together, try it again. Wait and see how it will all begin. Soul mates maybe, lovers true. The one I love will always be you ❤️                                                                                                                                             



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