Don’t judge that person sitting over there on the pavement, dirty from head to toe, begging for change. Open sores all upon their body, clothes reeking of urine and sweat. That person was terribly abused as a child by several family members. Mentally and sexually tormented. Past around like a joint at a party for everyone elses pleasure. Torn down daily like wall paper being ripped, so was any self worth they had. They looked for a Messiah, a saving grace only to be rejected by the followers that served him. Dirty looks and glances, whispers and stares, because their clothes wasn’t good enough or they didn’t fit into the niche. They turned to the one thing that gave them a relief, a break in reality. A world that took them away for just a short while from the torment and rejection they only knew to be. Things got out of hand, and in a downward spiral which was the only way of life they knew, they sit on that pavement asking for help.

That woman dancing around the pole at the strip joint down the street. She takes men in the back and does God only knows what. She has four small children at home with no daddy around to raise them. She met the love of her life at age 13. Got knocked up and her parents allowed her to marry her dashing, handsome man who was the ripe age of 32. She quit school in her freshman year and never acquired her GED. You see her darling husband was a severe alcoholic who was very controlling and abusive. He loved to get drunk and pound and beat on her nightly. It was definitely his favorite past time. She finally got the strength to take her four small children and herself and move across state away from his mania. With no education, GED, or work experience she dances around that pole nightly to put food in her babies mouths.

The same sex couple holding hands across the street or the interracial lovers with 2 small children. Love knows no color or gender. To the kids that are withdrawn in school and have a different style or the ones that simply choose to be outside of the norm, they have other goals and admirations about life than simply fitting in and being popular. To the boy that paints his nails and puts on eyeliner to the girl that wears her brothers clothes and tapes down her breasts. They like it! Even to the bully who torments others day after day. His home life consists of beatings, neglect, and obnoxious torments. He knows nothing else and wants others to feel his pain. The girl that seems a little to lose and sleeps around a lot, she grew up without her dad. Never had the guidance, love, or attention that a father can give to his daughter. She sleeps around looking for love and attention that her dad never gave her.

Lastly, that girl that never seems settled and always searching. She never quite seems content and has a restless spirit and wandering soul. As a child she knew there was more. With imaginations as wild and wonderful as things unseen, she knew she deserved more and the reality and emotion of something pure and definite. She may seem to wander aimlessly, but her heart and spirit searches for the things to complete her soul. She settles for nothing less. People judge her and say she is never satisfied when in reality she knows herself true and goes for exactly what she wants. People are intimidated by her passion and inspiration towards others, simply because they don’t understand her.

People judge what they don’t understand or what doesn’t seem to abide to their standards. Sad really, that people can be so closed minded and shut off from reality. We all are human beings made from the same mold. Now if that mold had the same color skin, gender, emotion, personality, and overall perception of life as the one before it, after it, and overall creation made, life and people as we know it would be bland and repetitive in nature. The differences is what makes each and every one of us unique. To love the unknown and accepting the divergent you are growing as a individual and in a sense finding inner peace you never knew existed. See, hate and discrimination festers like an open sore and spreads throughout the body like a cancer, rotting from the inside out. Making you an unrecognizable human being of what you once was as a child, when love and imagination stirred your soul and you knew nothing of color, gender, personality, or life choices.

Humans were not created initially from other humans, thus why is being judged by another person socially acceptable. We don’t know someone’s past, present, or future. We don’t know why they choose to be the way they are, if they even have a reason. Instead of casting judgement and sending someone off to hell for something you have no understanding of, how about trying to get to know them or simply send a smile. Not that your condoning but simply being nice. To love is the ultimate emotion that can be shared but seems to be smothered out by hate more often than should. Don’t cast judgement because you simply don’t understand or religion past down makes you feel as though you should. Don’t hate because someone tells you to or because they are different than you are. The world can be such an ugly place but your world can be made beautiful if you choose to allow it. Let love and acceptance lead you, and although you may not agree with something, don’t hate or judge, just know that it is unlike your norm and let it be. They chose their happiness now you choose yours!

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.





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