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How shall I deliver the news. All the training and education never prepared me for this day. I watched her day by day laying in that bed, staring out the window. What was she thinking? What was she looking at? Was she reminiscing of a time much happier, the days of her glory. Thinking of her family and how much she loved them and missed them so. Or was she slowly counting down the days, the hours, the minutes that she would cease to exist.

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, with no visitors or calls. She lay there lonely with only interaction with the staff that served her. Still, everyday she lay there staring out the window to the world beyond that glass. Hoping, yearning for the love and affection she once knew.

This morning I went to greet her, as I usually do, only to find her not staring out the window. Instead she lie peacefully in her bed with her eyes forever closed. No more staring out the window thinking, praying, yearning, hoping for the affection of a loved one who had forgotten her. Now she be in peace in the life there after.


2 Comments on “Daily Prompt: Deliver the News

  1. This is so good . Sad , but really should make people stop this busy life . And think about what is really important. PEOPLE. thank you . Love your page .

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