I would like to take a moment and talk about this 4 letter word above. Such a little word with such a huge impact on lives everywhere. We have all experienced it at least once in our lives to some extent and in some way. Whether it be a love for our parents, a pet, a sibling or friend, a significant other, or a material thing, we have all experienced love at some point. I would like for everyone who reads this to just leave a little comment about what love means to you! I want to see different opinions and ideas of that 4 letter word that gets tossed around as much as a newborn baby! After I have read everyones thoughts I will post my admiration for it! Happy commenting!! 🙂

By Brin Harris aka Punked Up Pixie   XoXo


2 Comments on “What is Love

  1. There is just so many different varieties of love , the love for mom, daughter, grandson, sibling , husband .but to sum love up for me . Is when you look at someone and your heart skips a beat . And you know at that moment you would lay down your life for that love .

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