Ever feel like you’re never good enough?? For anyone or anything.. Is it human nature or is it the toll that people and life take on us? I remember a day when I felt worthy, happy, maybe even content. Then like the flip of a coin, your self worth and feelings and inner core starts decaying like a rotten carcass passers by see on the road.

What happens?? Where does that inner joy that inner peace, drive.. Where does it go? You lose it! Every hurt, obstacle, disappointment, worthless relationship, toxic friendships, they all steal who you was. Slowly and painfully, until you have no idea who you are or what you want anymore. You want to give up, tell the world to kiss your ass! But then, your a failure. You gave up! You are a quitter!!

Nothing is ever good enough. You can put your whole ❤️ into something and lose it all. How do you bounce back? You never do! You are never the same! Just a unworthy, miserable shell of what you once was…. Happy!


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