So through the years, I have come to identify as the girl with the hair.. Yes, my stylish Pixie has somewhat made a name for itself. I think it speaks for itself. In a world of long luscious locks, it’s nice to see some edge and attitude.

See I have never fell in a “norm” so to speak. A rebel at heart, I never wanted to blend into the group. Why look like everyone else?? So boring!! No I wanted to be Brïn! Not part of “The Heathers” so to speak. Not only was my hair different but I’ve always had my own style as well. Something that I’ve noticed through the years is that just because it’s in style, does NOT mean it can be worn by all. Face it girls, not everyone looks good in a Romper and black lipstick is not the most flattering to some. So I always found my own niche.

So, play around a bit! Find what suites you!! Pixie cut, shag, or bob! Black lipstick, liquid eyeliner, or barely there… What ever suites you, find it, and break out of the stereotypical female. Bend the rules! Find you and rock it!! Style, makeup, or Dare the Hair!! 💋


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